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Mino Ombiigii’aa Onankonehkawinan ready for Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

July 28, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – Our Children, Families and Nation supports Local Nations with the reclamation of our jurisdiction over child and family services and the inherent and treaty rights of our children. The preservation, healing, nurturing and well-being of our children is the best assurance to building a strong and healthy nation. The Territory will be very proud that our Ikwewak Council and CFN team is moving forward Mino Ombiigii’aa Onankonehkawinan.

The Children, Families and Nation received a mandate by Resolution 2021-11-18-006 passing Mino Ombigiiaa Onakonehkawinan. Mino Ombiigii’aa Onankonehkawinan was passed by the Governing Council and registered with our Mikinaak Law Centre on 18 November 2021. Today’s mission is to implement Mino Ombiigii’aa Onakonehkawinan within the territory so Local Nations can advance with their CFN process.  Regional Offices continue to engage with current service agencies. Work has started to finalize a coordination and fiscal agreement with other governments.

Rights of the Anishinaabe Child: Manito kigii miinigonan aniin chi ombigangit ki nejaa’nisinan

  • 12(1) In any proceeding under this Part, the child shall be given the opportunity to have their views heard. : Mii omaa onjii, abinogii oga kashkitoon chi ikidoot aniin aji andooandung chi bimadizit. “From here on, the child will be able to say what the child wants to live a good life”.
  • 12(2) An advocate shall be assigned the child upon Intake.: owi’a chi Kiizigootaagot shigo chi anoki’tagot ta miinigazo abinojii apii odapinint. Someone to speak and work for the child when the child is taken or in need.

Features of Mino Ombigii’aa Onankonehkawinan

  • Declaration on the jurisdiction​- the newly reclaimed Mino Ombiigii’aa declares the intent of the government of FNT2T to reclaim jurisdiction; an inherent jurisdiction that was never surrendered. Further to declarations, Nations may consider having their own declarations which is respectful of their belief systems.
  • Driven by the seven Anishinaabe principles​- Respect, Love, Humility, Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Courage

Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

The Children, Families and Nation Circle is part of the Executive Bundle, oversees the administration and interpretation of the Mino Ombigii’aa Onankonehkawinan.  A resolution has come forward by the Governing Council and Ikwewak Council to review, discuss and pass the Mino Ombigii’aa Onankonehkawinan at this year’s Grand Council is ready for 23/24 August 2022 at the Community Complex at Kakakwekejeong.

Documentation to Review and reference:

Last modified: July 29, 2022

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