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Peacemaking Completes Virtual Engagement with the Nation

August 12, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory- On August 11, 2022, the Peacemaking and Earth Lodge Bundle of the First Nations Treaty 2 Territory Government completed a virtual engagement with the members of the Treaty 2 territory on Peacemaking . The Earth Lodge started the engagement with the foundations and methodologies of the Peacemaking framework. The Peacemaking Keeper followed with a detailed presentation on the Peacemaking framework and Onankonehkawinin.
The Peacemaking’s engagement process work plan which includes engagements sessions with the FNT2T Councils, the Virtual Engagement, and as well as Local Nation engagements was successful. The engagement process includes presentations on Peacemaking and methodologies, questionnaires on Peacemaking, and oral feedback from the members. Upon completion of the engagement workplan, a report of the engagement will be provided in a report to the FNT2T Government, leadership, and membership.
The Virtual Engagement session began with a presentation by Earth Lodge Keeper, Allan Sutherland, who provided Anishinaabe teachings on the Creation Story, the Clan System, and the history of dismantling Anishinaabe governing systems by the Canadian Government. The Earth Lodge Keeper provided a presentation on methodologies as per their mandate which is nation building, wellness, lifelong learning, and identity.
Followed by the Mr. Sutherland’s presentation, the FNT2T Government’s Lead Keeper Boh Kubrakovich updated the Nation on the First Nation in the Treaty 2 Government. Boh provided information on the creation of the Peacemaking Bundle and why it is important for the Onankonehkawin. He informed the Nation on the upcoming Grand Council on August 23-24th in Ebb and Flow First Nation. He explained the importance of the Grand Council as this is where the Peacemaking Onankonehkawin will be presented and motioned to be passed.
The Peacemaking Keeper, Chantell Barker, presented on Peacemaking, the Onankonehkawin, and moving forward. Chantell presented on the Peacemaking legal framework with includes spiritual, natural, customary, and human laws and the importance of restoring an Anishinaabe legal framework. There was information provided on the Seven Circles of Peacemaking which includes the Lynx, Deer, Eagle, Turtle, Bear, Loon, and Crane Circles. Each circle was defined including it’s roles and responsibilities. Chantell explained the intent of Peacemaking is to replace the justice system’s punishment model with healing and wellness.
In conclusion, there was an opportunity for questions and comments as well as information on how to complete the survey monkey. Upon completion of the virtual engagement, the third stage of the engagement process that includes local engagements, can commence after the Grand Council. The FNT2T Government and Peacemaking Bundle thank all the participants for attending the Peacemaking Virtual Engagement.
Additional information can be found at Peacemaking – First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (

Chantell Barker
Peacemaking Keeper

Last modified: August 12, 2022

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