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August 22, 2022

EXECUTIVE BUNDLE – Our Executive in the North is wrapped around as a bundle including the Executive Council, Ogichidaa and the day-to-day operations of Administration, Circles, Intergovernmental and Regional Offices.


There are four core functions of our sovereign Administration. Our day-to-day operational functions are:

  • Communications;
  • Finance;
  • Human Resources; and
  • Governance.

Communications – Daabaajiimowin

Communications has the overall responsibility for relaying strategic and operational governance to inform and actively engage Local Nations, our government bundles, and the territory.

Our communications strategy recognizes that providing up-to-date information is important in staying connected through various portals is a primary function of Daabaajiimowin and our active websites, social media and Moccasin Trail News.


  • Conduct daily blogging and stories;
  • Media and Web Support;
  • Supporting documents for and Moccasin Trail News; and
  • Media Releases and Public Relations.


The Government of FNT2T process of accountability begins with finance and budget controls. The Treasury and Administration law and policies are frameworks that support and guide the functions of FNT2T operations fiscal planning, finance management, and economic analysis within Treaty 2 Territory.  The Government of FNT2T and its Circles provide overall budgeting in accounting and reporting on operations each fiscal year utilizing auditing standards and best practices.


  • Will provide financial control and administrative support;
  • Internal and external auditing of funds;
  • Manage and organize the flow of funds;
  • Prepare, implement, and review budget documents and quarterly updates; and

Human Resources

Within operations, there is growth amongst Keepers and Helpers. Human Resources continues to take flight as one of the core areas in Administration; however, it maintains a clear separation from finance.

Our administration and seven (7) Circles require Human Resources management supporting our Nation’s workforce. Our Keepers and Helpers require structural support and training in Anishinaabe Human Resources governance to support sustainable development within their operational workplans.


  • Will implement a payroll system/administration/hiring procedure;
  • Manage and update the Keeper/Helper policy handbook;
  • Maintain, manage personnel files including performance evaluation process; and
  • Perform Human Resources Auditing and Quality management.


Our FNT2T Government administration provides the foundation to manage and determine strategic priorities under the authority of administrative and governance plans; helping all four of our bundles function within administration and operations setting up processes.

Our processes within the Government of FNT2T align with the goals and objectives of all levels of the bundles. Consistent governance is provided to support our nation’s agenda in all aspects of law development for Treaty 2 Territory.


  • Work internally and externally on governance and support;
  • Liaison with our Seven (7) Circles and Local Nations;
  • Work with Administration on budgeting and capacity;

Align and liaise between current external program and service delivery agencies and advocacies.

Last modified: August 22, 2022

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