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Lake St. Martin

Rest In Peace Norman Traverse SR, Former Chief of Obushkudayang Anishinaabe Nation (Lake St Martin)

Treaty 2 Territory – With sadness we announce the passing of Norman Traverse SR.  He was was a former Chief of Obushkudayang Anishinaabe Nation (Lake St Martin) and a member of our Government of FNT2T’s Knowledge Council.  He spent a number of years guiding us and giving us his tremendous knowledge. “He was a great leader, …

January 17, 2021

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Treaty 2 Territory protection continues with visit to Obushkudayang

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of FNT2T visited Obushkudayang (Lake St. Martin) Anishinaabe Nation to continue full efforts of staying in touch, discuss full communications and protect the territory jointly. While in Obushkudayang Anishinaabe Nation, FNT2T met with Merv Sinclair who heads up their administration. Merv was briefed on the activities of

October 2, 2020

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Lake St. Martin Traditional Camp Out Sessions

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2T Staff had the opportunity to meet with Mervin Sinclair, LSM Band Manager and his staff to discuss their upcoming Traditional camping week for their youth, staff and Elders. The event will be taking place from August 24 – 30, 2020 at Big Rock Camping area located on PR 513. Each …

August 18, 2020

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COVID-19: Accessing Funding Supports

Treaty 2 Territory – On Wednesday March 18th, 2020, the Trudeau government announced it is spending $305 million to help Indigenous communities deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Each First Nation will receive a given amount of funds from the $305 million with out having to apply. The funds will flow directly to each First Nation …

April 9, 2020

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Lake St. Martin First Nation Storm Evacuation Update

The Lake St. Martin First Nation is carrying out efforts in order to make sure elders, medical, and young families are provided shelter and food. The First Nation has been evacuated from its Nation for almost two weeks. Hydro is gradually being restored. Ensuring drinking water is available is being addressed. The men who stayed …

October 24, 2019

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Accommodations are being prepared so evacuees members can vote at Polling Stations located at the: 1. RBC Convention Centre and 2. University of Winnipeg Transportation is being arranged that can be accommodated outside of the City of Winnipeg as well. At these polling stations there will be specific polling stations with signage for each First …

October 19, 2019

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Lake St. Martin First Nation begins work to address children & families wellbeing law

Treaty 2 Territory – The day was filled with a lot of sharing coming from many grandmothers who have and are still navigating the current child and family services system. They do this in order to make sure their grandchildren are cared for by them, and so their aging out grandchildren receive to life skills …

October 9, 2019

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Suspicious Death – 32 year old of Lake St. Martin First Nation 2011 flood evacuee will not get to experience ‘Operation Return Home’

TREATY 2 TERRITORY — Today we send the family our sincere condolences to the family regarding this tragic loss of a loved human being, Michael Shane Dano. Eight years after severe flooding that displaced thousands of residents of the Lake St. Martin First Nation in Manitoba, including the parents and family are left to mourn …

August 9, 2019

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Lake St. Martin Treaty Day

First Nation:Lake St. Martin Treaty Day Date(s) Treaty Days:   June 6-9, 2019 | Treaty Payout:  June 6 Events: June 3rd – Golf Tournament, Quarry Oaks Golf Course June 7-9 Carnival Rides Prenatal Events – Preschool  Events – Elders, Children, Youth & Adult Events – Bull Riding – Super Heros& Princesses – Breakfast, Lunch, Supper

June 12, 2019

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