Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government


Communications has the overall responsibility for relaying strategic and operational governance to inform and actively engage Local Nations, other levels of Government, and the general public. Our communications strategy recognizes that providing up-to-date information is important in staying connected through various portals is a primary function of Daabaajiimowin.

Communications blends both contemporary and traditional ways of relating to each other based on historical and modern experiences. Under the Anishinaabe principle of Daabaajiimowin our team pulls together to encourage outcomes that respects the values, customs and ways of life. The content that is offered to our audience is available in our sacred Anishinaabemowin and English. It further provides a common information base and increasing confidence.

Additional responsibilities include daily news on HealthLinks, managing our Governmental websites, video production, and written content for and Moccasin Trail News. These information mediums are a valuable way of gathering information as we hear the stories of our people, which strengthens our bond throughout the Territory. We strive to bring special events and are open to new ways of shaping our stories. Our members are important throughout the territory; therefore, we conduct analysis in all situations to impact positive change under our nation-building strategy. Our daily goal is to bridge the connection of our Local Nations to their Governmental and Administrational structures. We continue to facilitate important dialogue both internally and externally. Our Regional Offices and Local Nation Helpers play an integral part of our overall strategy.


For media inquiries please contact;

Danielle McGurry, Communications Keeper


Phone: 204.638.3797


Last Updated: 1 April 2022

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