Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Executive Council

Executive Council



The Governing Council shall consider all matters, and make any decisions or issue instructions that it considers to be appropriate while the Governing Council is not meeting.

The Executive Council shall generally be responsible, for assignment of work, to the Senior Officials, as set out within our Governance structure and Laws.

The Executive Council shall refer to the Governing Council any matters that it deems necessary.

The Executive Council, shall maintain, as part of its archival record, the Minutes of any meetings it holds, and shall contain, the record of Resolutions considered and decisions taken on said Resolutions.

The Executive Council, shall take up any instructions, provided by Resolution, by the Governing Council.

The Executive Council, shall meet on a monthly basis. Where possible the date set, for a meeting, after all business is processed at each meeting. In addition to its own agenda, the Executive Council shall consider agenda items, recommendations. 

The Governing Council shall select an Executive Council, once per year, after a meeting of the Grand Council.  A Proxy shall not be recognized as representing a member on the Executive Council.

The Executive Council shall be made up of one Ogichidaa and three (3) Vice-Ogemas from Treaty 2 Territory and one (1) representative from a Treaty 4 Nation. Each Vice-Ogema shall be assigned portfolios, to action, and shall report, directly to the Governing Council, at their quarterly meetings.

The Executive Council shall be the Authority, between meetings, reporting, at the next meeting to the Governing Council, on all decisions taken, and those decisions by the Governing Council.

The Executive Council, and the Governing Council, are responsible to ensure, all avenues of communication’s are utilized, to keep member Anishinaabek, including, Council Members, fully apprised of all business transactions.

21 December 2021

Executive Council

Ogichidaa (Grand Chief) – Cornell McLean, Animozeebeeng 

Ogema Kurvis Anderson, Pinaymootang (Fairford)

Ogema Norman Bone, Keeseekoowenin (Dauphin Lake/Riding Mtn)

Ogema Cameron Catcheway Skownan (Waterhen)

Ogema Chief Barry McKay, Tootinaowaziibeeng (Valley River)

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