Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government


Treaty 2 Territory – Our FNT2T Government administration provides the foundation to manage and determine strategic priorities under the authority of executive, administrative and governance plans.

Our processes within the Government of FNT2T align with the goals and objectives of all levels of executive, administration, circles, regional offices, and local nation helpers. Consistent governance is provided to support our nation’s agenda in all aspects of law development for Treaty 2 Territory.

Operation functions:

• Circle Engagement

• Law Development

• Regional Offices

• Local Nations Helpers

Our Seven (7) Circles are within our governance structure and hold the responsibility for addressing issues, setting direction, and drafting inherent laws with Local Nations, the Nation, Government, and Treaty 2 Territory.  They help define the vision that is set out by our Councils and our ancestral ways of governing.  They are mandated to formulate policies, decisions, and determine strategic priorities in partnership with Local Nations, all to assist leadership in its decision-making.  Regional Offices liaise between the Local Nations and FNT2T through the Local Nation Helpers.

Our Local Nation Helpers are appointed by our Local Nations to liaison between the Local Nation and the Government of FNT2T through our Regional Offices.

Shared role and responsibilities:

• Work directly with Local Nations

• Support Local Nation Helpers in law development

• Capacity development through the Akiwigaan (Earth Lodge)

• Liaison with our Seven (7) Circles and Local Nations

• Work with Administration on budgeting and capacity

• Assist with infrastructure and programs and services (IPS) with each Local Nation

• Align and liaise between current external program and service delivery agencies and advocacies

Governance is one of the four key areas in administration of Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan Treaty 2 and the Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.

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