Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government


Housing and infrastructure are necessities of life.

Anishinaabe enjoyed their ancestral way of life prior to settler contact. Our housing and infrastructure provided private and public spaces where active expressions and gestures that result in life long health and family unity. Housing and infrastructure were in place for protection and preservation of good health and unity of children, families and nations.

Anishinaabe require quality housing and infrastructure to pursue the good life for their children, families and nation. Achieving the good life, minoo-bi-maadiziiwin, is based on environmentally balanced way of living, and quality housing and infrastructure are necessary for this.

Children, families, and nations experience ongoing housing shortages and inadequate infrastructure due to genocide policies from colonial governments.  This results in overcrowding and multiple issues and challenges with health and unity of children, families, and nations. Canada has apologized for the harm and trauma of residential schools and is committed to making

The Local Nation Members and Local Nations are still recovering and coping with displacement, poverty, inadequate housing and infrastructure, crowded living conditions, wastewater issues, lack of potable water, funding discrimination, and colonial governments controlling housing and infrastructure funds from Canada Treasury. FNT2T is assisting the Local Nations with restoration of Housing and Infrastructure.

Objectives of Housing and Infrastructure:

• Ancestral law development.
• Funding for housing and infrastructure from Canada Treasury.
• Practicing and protecting the use of Anishinaabe building methods.
• Housing strategy.
• Infrastructure strategy.
• Equitable standards of housing and infrastructure.
• Establishing agreements.
• Bridging the gap between housing and infrastructure and the environment.
• Respecting diversity in building.
• Unifying Local Nations and T2T through housing and infrastructure.

FNT2T Housing and Infrastructure has an overall strategic plan which is:

• Creation of a Housing and Infrastructure Strategies for Treaty 2 Territory and local nations;
• Building a work plan and strategic plan;
• Implementing a communications plan including engaging Local Nations; and
• Bridging the gap between FNT2T, Local Nations andColonial Governments housing and infrastructure.
• Transformation and transition of housing and infrastructure funding from Colonial Governments to FNT2T Government

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