Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government


The Legislative Bundle in the east wraps around as a bundle which includes Councils, Treasury, Corporations and Trusts.

Our Legislative Bundle includes:


We have Seven (7) Councils that stem from our structure, which are:



The Anishinaabek has advanced with sovereign steps of self-determination under Anishinaabe inherent rights. Our collaborative process requires performance excellence to accomplish inherent sovereign-based goals and operation.

The role of the Treasury is to provide balance, fiscal accountability, fiscal transparency, implement fiscal relations based on inherent rights, implement government to government fiscal agreements and treaty rights-based funding, manage territorial assets from lands, resources, waters, meet obligations, and manage direct transfer agreements.

The Treasury is responsible for managing financial assets from Infrastructure, Programs, and Services (IPSs), Indian Moneys, and Trust Moneys.

Financial Administration – Our Treasury and Administration operates through its Law. The Treasury and Administration law is the foundation of the administrative body of FNT2T.  Treasury and Administration begins where politics end.  FNT2T has separated the political and administration arm of FNT2T Government. 

The Administrative body manages agreements and fiscal relations. Our administration receives full support and direction from our Councils.

Trade and Commerce – Our Trade and Commerce operates through its Law. The Trade and Commerce law is the foundation of how FNT2T Government conducts business in Treaty 2 territory, on Turtle Island, and on Mother Earth. The trade and commerce law also governs how FNT2T corporations and foreign corporations conduct business in Treaty 2 Territory. Our Commerce law receives full support and direction from our seven Councils under resolution.

Corporations – Our corporations operate through its Law. The Corporations law is the foundation of the Corporation Register of FNT2T Government. Our Corporation Register receives full support and direction from our seven Councils.

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Last updated: 23 August 2022

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