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Natural World – Protection Report

Portfolio – Chief Cameron Catcheway, Skownan

Land, Water and Resource Council – Chair Darren Mousseau, Ebb and Flow

Staff Support – Joseph Maud, Director 204.638.3797 Ext 1004 Email:

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Our Protection Report

  • The Care and Protection of the Natural World has been very busy the past few months protecting the Treaty 2 Territory;
  • Coordinated meetings and Flag presentations to RM’s of Grahamdale and West Interlake;
  • Continued monitoring CN Derailment at St Lazare including a site visit;
  • Continued communicating with CN Staff on Partnership, ie purchase of gravel;
  • Along with other staff prepared Bill C-68 presentation;
  • Placed Invasive Species signage at various waterbodies in Treaty 2 Territory;
  • Distributed postcards on releasing 45-70 cm fish during spawning season;
  • Partnered with Turtle River Watershed on a Biomass Project employing 4 resource Technicians for 18 days.
  • Creation of new Secretariat;
  • Creation of 5 New Coalitions to Protect territory;
  • Continued work on Dauphin Lake Management Plan;
  • Protected sites such as Thunderbird Nest at Narrows;
  • Creating Conservation Program – Partnership with Manitoba;
  • Protection of Duck Mountains – Coalition created with First Nations with Interest;
  • Creel Census and Fish Hatchery Management continues;
  • Working on Moose Management planning;
  • LP’s Licence review with Coalition of First Nations with Interest in Duck Mountains along with Treaty 2;
  • Overall Water strategy and protection of all lakes and waters in the Territory.

Trespassing in Treaty 2 Territory:

Line 3 Replacement and Enbridge; (No current consultation, accommodate and compensation. Program

Province of Manitoba; Lands taken up for Immigration and Settlement require compensation.

Province of Manitoba; Clear trespassing – with Portage diversion of water and proposing the Lake MB/Lake St Martin Channel in Treaty 2 Territory. Apparent Project

Manitoba Hydro: Bipole 3 no environmental monitoring, trespassing through lands without compensation. $30 million lost revenue and contracts Phase 2/3. Invoices continue to be sent.

Government of Canada through CEAA – An environmental licence has been submitted by the Province of Manitoba to Canada; they are reviewing without consultation and us their Treaty partner at the same level – bypassing the FNT2T Government, clear violation of the Treaty.

Province of Manitoba; Birtle Transmission line – full breach no consultation, accommodating and prior consent.

Peat Moss: We continue to monitor this within our eastern sector of the Treaty 2 Territory. Report from IISD

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