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Care and Protection of the Natural World Circle

FNT2T’s mandate for the Care and Protection of the Natural World comes from “The Declaration of Collective Rights of the People of Treaty 2 Territory with Respect to Lands and Territory” (The Declaration) and “The Great Binding Law”.

Care and Protection of the Natural World has been impeded by laws imposed by Canada and the Provinces, those laws justified approaches to managing the lands and resources outside of “The Great Binding Law”. The Local Nations and FNT2T are implementing “The Declaration” and “The Great Binding Law” in managing the lands and resources in Treaty 2 Territory. There are a magnitude of tasks that need to be carried out in order to reverse, repair, and mitigate the damage to the Natural World.

Objectives of Care and Protection of the Natural World:

• Revitalize, educate and implement Natural Laws to manage the lands, resources and waters in Treaty 2 Territory replacing Canada’s and the Provinces’ laws
• Resource development under Natural Laws for the benefit of Local Nations and FNT2T
• Land, resource and water protection through shared responsibility and management by Local Nations and FNT2T.

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Natural World Council – Chair Darren Mousseau, Ebb and Flow


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Last updated – 26 June 2020

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