Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Ogichidaa Cornell McLean

Ogichidaa Cornell McLean

Animozeebeeng Anishinaabek



Overview of Onankonehkawin – Passed Resolution 2021-11-18-008

Ogichidaa is to be a member in good standings from one of the member Local Nations within Treaty 2 Territory (T2T). Ogichidaa is the political collective voice of the 21.4 million acres of Kidaakiiminaan.  Ogichidaa will work with the Grand Council, Governing Council and all Anishinaabek Councils.

The Ogichidaa will be selected through the process at the Assembly of the Grand Council and must be an elected Ogema from one of the member Nations. A traditional selection will take place where candidates will be asked to stand, and appointed council members will stand behind their selection until one leader is chosen. The Ogemawkek Council will be responsible for carrying out the ancestral selection process.

It is the responsibility of Ogichidaa to ensure all governance and business activities are faithfully carried out and are communicated to all Ogemas.

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Last updated 1 March 2022

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