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Peacemaking means restoring Mino-Bimaadiziwin through peace, balance, harmony, and natural order.

Peacemaking is maintained with the Nation through an Anishinaabe Peacemaking system that includes the Seven Circles of Peacemaking. The Seven Circles of Peacemaking includes the Lynx, Deer, Eagle, Turtle, Bear, Crane, and Loon Circle.

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To address this injustice, The Nation will develop and implement a local and territorial Peacemaking system. We seek to create and restore a Peacemaking and Peacekeeping system that provides prevention, early intervention, restorative measures, wellness, and Anishinaabe methodologies.

Local Nations and FNT2T who have the Inherent Right to govern has created a Treaty 2 Territory Peacemaking Bundle that provides prevention, preparedness, emergency response and post-event remedies. Today Local Nations require capacity to deal with justice and peacemaking issues. Local Nations and FNT2T is entering into agreements with other governments and nations to collaborate and support FNT2T’s objectives of Peacemaking.

Documentation to Review and reference:


Circles within Peacemaking


Niigaanii – Governing Council

  • Peacemaking – Ogema Norman Bone, Keeseekoownein Anishinaabe Nation
  • Peacekeeping – Ogema Lawrence Letender, Kithithkatchewanang Anishinaabe Nation

Chantel Barker, Circle Keeper – 204.638.3797

Crystal Nepinak, Administration Keeper – 204.638.3797

Crystal Mousseau, Administration Helper – 204.638.3797


Ray Mousseau, Administration Keeper – 204.638.3797 

Danielle McGurry, Communications Keeper – 204.638.3797

Last updated – 14 July 2022


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