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PRESS RELEASE: province of Manitoba announces legislation infringing on the Inherent and Treaty Rights of the Anishinaabe

Treaty 2 Territory, October 16, 2020 – The Government of Manitoba unilaterally declares changes to hunting legislation – and caps off the announcement with the statement that they finally wish to uphold the honour the Crown by establishing “Shared Management” and consulting with Indigenous People.

On the 3 of September Grand Chief Eastman wrote to Minister Pederson on the Government of Manitoba’s failure to engage despite concerted efforts of the Government of FNT2T to work with their Department of Agriculture and Resource Development on a definition of what “Shared Management” looks like.  To date we have received no response. In fact, they have ceased to work through a Senior Official Forum, which was formed in 2003 as a precursor to “Shared Management”.

The Government of Manitoba press release states: “Despite these conservation closures, the moose population has not recovered to historic levels in those areas due to illegal hunting pressures and natural causes. As a result, the province will extend the moratorium by a year, pausing a limited interim hunting season that had been proposed for 2020 in the Duck and Porcupine Mountain areas.”

The Government of Manitoba makes no reference to the detrimental impacts of forestry activities within the conservation closures in the Duck and Porcupine Mountains.  This activity has directly impacted Moose habitat and Moose populations.  The Government of Manitoba has recently introduced a directive to the Clean Environment Commission further reducing regulatory oversight of forestry operations in these closed conservation areas.  The Government of Manitoba’s desire to bring Moose populations back to “Historic Levels” is contrary to their management regime as evidenced by the last 90 years since the illegal transfer of all resources under the Natural Resources Transfer Act (NRTA) 1930.

The Government of Manitoba goes on to say their decision is based on extensive Crown/Indigenous Consultations.  The Government of FNT2T never saw or had an opportunity to review the creation of any legislation developed by the Government of Manitoba.

The Government of FNT2T has never received a response to proceed on any of these developments prior to launching their legislation.  The Government of Manitoba committed to returning to the Government of FNT2T and our local Nations prior to the development and announcement of any regulatory regime created to inform us on how our information was utilized in creation of the legislation.

“Unilateral decisions from those claiming rights to the resources allocated to our care and protection through both Anishinabeg and western law is causing more damage and bringing us farther away from the ultimate goal of protecting our wildlife and our Natural World.  The systemic arrogance and failures of the Government of Manitoba to lead the way when it comes to resource management only highlights the fact that they have failed to adequately manage natural resources for the last 150 years.  Now is the time for Indigenous leaders throughout our territories to unite and effect change and deter further erosion of our inherent rights.”said Grand Chief Eugene Eastman

Media Contact:
Ray Mousseau, Operations Keeper
Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory


PRESS RELEASE: Government of Manitoba Announces Legislation infringing on the Inherent and Treaty Rights of Anishinaabeg

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