Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Search and Rescue


The Government of First Nations Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) has established a priority for the development of a search and rescue capacity at The Nation, Territory and Government level, working and supporting any and all local Nations.


The Nation’s purpose in establishing a Search and Rescue Directorate is to ensure that when any local Nation or local Nation needs search and rescue services, top‐notch well‐equipped well‐trained search and rescue personnel will be available to meet the need from each local Nation.


The Search and Rescue functions will be carried out by a Search and Rescue Directorate located under the Natural World Circle. It will be closely related to an Emergency Measures function which is not yet established. An official will be designated as Helpers of Search and Rescue Operations.

External Relationships

The Search and Rescue Directorate will be related externally to other Search and Rescue operations, and to any other non‐governmental Search and Rescue organizations.

Internal Relationships

Every local Nation of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory will be encouraged to establish its own Search and Rescue operations unit connecting to the overall Nation Directorate.

When a local Nation announces that it is establishing a Search and Rescue operations unit, the Nation’s Search and Rescue Directorate will offer such assistance as the local Nation might need and request, and to establish with it a formal working relationship.

Regional Relationships

Local Nations in each of the regions of Treaty 2 Territory will be encouraged to for their own working relationships, systems of cooperation, local Nation, and other types of liaison.

Financial Resources

Financial support for costs of the directorate, including training, equipment, uniforms, administration, travel, operations, etc., will be sought by the Internal/External Relations Circle as part of the government’s obligations to the Nation.

Furthering the Treaty Two‐Row Relationship Once in operation, each local Nation or regional grouping of local Nation will be encouraged to make their services available to neighbouring local Nation in the event its search and rescue operations might be useful.

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