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Women Council

The Women Council advise and make recommendations with all seven (7) Circles with a focus on Children, Families and Nation and Health and Wellbeing along with being part of the Law-Making body of the Nation through the Governing Council.

With the guidance and support of our women we will be able to restore the interrupted ancestral matriarchal structure and ancestral ways in order to create a healthier and stronger Local Nations.

The Women Council is made up of one (1) appointed member from each Local Nation within First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.  Each representative will assist in forming and is the chairperson of their Local Nation Women Council. 

The Chairperson of the Women Council, who is appointed by the Women Council is part of the Governing Council. The Women Council presently meets every fourth Wednesday of each month at 10am on Microsoft Teams.  From time to time a special meeting may be called to meet with other Councils, Administration and Circles.

The Grand Council is scheduled for 24/25 August, 2021 at Ebb and Flow Anishinaabe.

Our regular schedule is as follows;

  • Wednesday 24 February, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 24 March, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 28 April, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 26 May, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 23 June, 2021 @ 10am
  • Tuesday/Wednesday 24/25 August, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 22 September, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 27 October, 2021 @ 10am
  • Wednesday 24 November, 2021 @ 10am

Our current Women Council is:

  • Ebb & Flow: Margaret Racette
  • Dauphin River: Helen Adamson
  • Gambler: Rose Ledoux
  • Keeseekoowenin: Allison McKay
  • Lake Manitoba:
  • Lake St. Martin: Lilian Morse
  • Little Saskatchewan: Elva Sinclair
  • O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi: Vania Dumas
  • Pinaymootang: Gwen Traverse
  • Skownan: Theresa Nepinak
  • Tootinaowaziibeeng: Victoria Ironstand

Click here for Women Council postcard

Last update 12 January 2021

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