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Governments of FNT2T and Canada – Reconciliation of Jurisdiction / Reconciliaction Wikondewin

June 22, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – A historic meeting was held June 21, 2022 at the Anishinaabe Sharing Lodge in Wasagaming between the Government of Treaty 2 Territory and the Government of Canada.  FNT2T Governing Council, made up of Ogemaas and Chairs of the Councils met with Canada’s Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Marc Miller to discuss key points on mutually beneficial areas of government-to-government collaboration between Government of Treaty 2 Territory and the Government of Canada – Crown Indigenous Relations.

The Protocol signed with the two governments states that all nation-based initiatives must be accomplished within the context of the Protocol process, the Recognition of Rights and Anishinaabe governance, and in the protection of interests of the Anishinaabek Nation of the territory.  Canada’s policy on divide and conquer must be eliminated.

The meeting was held on the day of the annual spiritual re-awakening, the summer solstice. It began with the pipe ceremony expressing gratitude and sharing circle and finished with a Wiikondewin (feast).  The meeting followed and started with expectations of a renewed relationship and included an official and documented presenting of invoices to Minister Miller.  Among the invoices are:

  • $6.61 Billion annually for Infrastructure, Programs and Services (IPS).
  • $29.61 Billion annually Land Use and Rental.
  • $21.9 Billion annually for Resource Extraction.

It is known that Canada’s Section 35 is a full box, and Bill C15 UNDRIP and Treaty 2 Territory requires new political relations and institutions of governance.

Statement from the Ogemaas today:

Trust in our abilities to govern and be fiscally responsible must be exhibited by Canada. Respect for our culture, governing process and connection to the land must be demonstrated. Anything less is further exhibition of the paternalism and assimilation policies.”

Ogema Bone spoke regarding the current comprehensive legal political framework governing Anishinaabek Nation relations, and that it requires new economic relations and new fiscal relations.  The Prime Minister has called for predictable and sustainable financing of the Government of the Anishinaabek Nation. Recent court judgments and studies require Canada to evaluate the dollar with current Indian Act values for all Treaty annuities and related benefits for the past, current and future.

Ogema Catcheway noted that a cabinet submission is required from Crown Indigenous Relations and Crown Indigenous Services Ministries for the Anishinaabe invoicing, financing, and direct link treasury to treasury fiscal agreement.  A cabinet submission is also required from Crown Indigenous Relations and Crown Indigenous Services Ministries for the Anishinaabe invoicing and financing which will elevate ISC’s responsibilities in the territory.

Ogichidaa McLean made the point that new fiscal relations are required in a government-to-government fiscal agreement based on our Anishinaabe Treasury/Administration Onankonehkawinan.

Ogema Nepinak spoke regarding the ongoing ground-penetrating search being conducted in the territory at Minegoziibe (Pine Creek) at a former residential school site.  The recent search revealed 6 anomalies that could potentially be unmarked graves.  The investigation will continue with the marking of those locations next week.

Several local Nation Councillors and member representatives were present and had the opportunity to voice their Nation’s concerns to the Minister.

Next Steps Forward

  • There must be a department-wide policy change and training to understand FNT2T government philosophy with the goal to advance trust and facilitate the governing of our own affairs given our accountability and fiscal management record.
  • We are requesting that Canada honour our Onankonehkawin, Treasury and Administration Onankonehkawinan.
  • We seek an update from the Minister’s office on the RRISD, Agreement in principle as well as the implementation plan that includes UNDRIP and 94 Calls of action.
  • Requesting Minister Miller endorse a Ministerial Cabinet Committee and a fiscal committee with us to support transparency and demonstrate responsibility to the costs of core governance as well as assess and address impacts of fiscal governing arising from federal policies.
  • Entertain a Reconciliaction implementation agreement that will include all of Canada’s Secretariats and Ministers that will contribute to filling in the gaps through capacity building and implementation.
  • Creating and implementing the comprehensive legal and political framework governing Crown and Anishinaabe Nation relations.

Ogichidaa Mclean concluded the day by stating that new fiscal relations are required in a government-to-government fiscal agreement based on our Anishinaabe Treasury / Administration Onankonehkawinan.  Canada’s Section 35 provides Anishinaabe Nations the legal mechanism for direct financing from Canada’s treasury to our treasury.


PDF version: Media Release 21 June 21 2022 Governments of FNT2T and Canada – Reconciliation of Jurisdiction-Reconciliaction Wiikondewin

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