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Onankonehkawin ready for Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

July 28, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – A nation is run by the government, judicial bodies (Peacemaking), its people, and most importantly by the Onankonehkawin (Constitution). The Onankonehkawin serves as the backbone of our Nation. The Onankonehkawin is the embodiment of fundamental regulations and principles according to which our Nation and its people are supposed to work. And this is how we are moving forward with FNT2T today.

After many years of development, engagements and working with our member Nations we are managing to move forward with our Onankonehkawin. All the rules and principles that are to be established are written down in one place.

The Onankonehkawin is something that every territory such as ours or country in the world has in its possession and, all constitutions around the world are unique in their way but share the same objective, which is to make sure that there remains stability in our Nation.

What is The Onankonehkawin?

The Onankonehkawin is something that sets the limits and boundaries of the governments’ interaction and powers. The Onankonehkawin works as a means by which the government knows as to what extent they can impose rules and regulations on the citizen of the nations.

How does the Onankonehkawin help in the working of a Nation?

The Onankonehkawin is for the nations to develop successfully. According to the Onankonehkawin, the power of the governmental bodies flow in a certain path.

The Grand Council, The executive, and The Judiciary.

As the Grand Council acts as the supreme body all the laws and amendments pass down with their consent. Our Peacemaking Bundle is the judiciary of governance.

Steps involved in the execution of laws through our Inakonegawin process:

  • Any law is first presented in the executive councils of our Nation;
  • Once the law gets the approval of the Governing Council Ogema, it is passed to the Grand Council;
  • Usually, the Grand Council enacts the law but, in some cases, if it does not pass it at the time, they have the power to send it back with a suitable reason and next step process;
  • Once edited and reframed the law is again sent for the approval of the Grand Council of the Nation.

Reasons why is the Onankonehkawin important:

  1. The Onankonehkawin is a written document which sets the rules of our Nation. These rules and regulations lay down the base of the nation so that it can run without any sort of issue or dispute, and in case any problem occurs in the legal and governmental sectors or between the people and the judiciary, these provisions help the nations to get through this problem.
  2. The Onankonehkawin forms the basic structure of any government. The Onankonehkawin of any nation is important because it lays down all the legal and cultural aspects under which its people and the governmental bodies will be governed. The Grand Council, the Governing Council and the Peacemaking are the main bundles of the government that the Onankonehkawin establishes.
  3. The Onankonehkawin defines the powers of each area and lets everyone related to a nation know about the power and governmental and legal body has. It outlines the responsibilities of each part of the nation. The Onankonehkawin helps to regulate the relationship between the government and the people in such a manner that no one part can mistreat the power in any way possible.
  4. The Onankonehkawin is superior to all the laws of the country which means any law or provision that is circulated in our Nation is passed down by the Onankonehkawin itself. Every law enacted by the government must agree with the Onankonehkawin.
  5. The Onankonehkawin lays down our Nation goals such as Democracy, consensus government, and Nation Integration.
  6. The Onankonehkawin guarantees some rights and responsibilities for any individual or group of people on behalf of which they can ensure their well-being and dignity. It helps the people of the country to avail of all the basic rights. Some of the most basic rights that are protected by the Onankonehkawin are right to life, right to freedom, and the right to participate freely in the democratic system.
  7. The Onankonehkawin controls the transfer of power. The Onankonehkawin is the spine of our Nation, and it is important that its rules and provisions are followed by each and everyone in our Nation.

Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

Documentation to Review and reference:

Next step governance with our Onankonehkawin

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