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Mino-Bimaadiziiwin (Health and Wellbeing) Law Development and Engagement planning continues.

August 26, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – Since the Grand Council was postponed to a later date, the Health and Wellbeing Policy Helper (Helper) continues to work and plans efforts to raise awareness and begin engaging with the Local Nations to draft a dynamic Health and Wellbeing Law for Treaty 2 Territory.

The  Helper had the opportunity to talk with the Gwen Traverse earlier this week to determine next steps from last September’s Local Nations Health Directors Session.  She is both the Health Director of Pinaymootang Health Centre and also a First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory’s (FNT2T) Women’s Council member.

The Helper appreciated the time Ms. Traverse took to provide valuable guidance and insight given she has been very busy preparing for the next Accreditation review scheduled with Accreditation Canada in September 2022.  This is important as accreditation improves a standard of care in health service delivery for the membership.

Some ideas discussed was to envision a law that will create a pathway for health care based on a circle of care model that reflects the wholistic needs of the Local Nations and reflects the community’s culture, language, and way of life. The law could support primary health care models in all Local Nations that are adequately funded and provide equal health services and programs that all Canadians have a right to no matter where they live (portability of rights).  Also, Local Nations need to have a voice in all health systems and regions that they access to have issues addressed and improve services.

Background materials were shared with Ms. Traverse and it was agreed they would meet again in the near future to update last year’s workplan and overview of a draft law framework. The Policy Helper values Ms. Traverse’s expertise and guidance that will lead to successful engagement and a law that reflects Local Nation sovereignty, health needs and priorities.

Also, this week, the Policy Helper met with FNT2T’s Regional Office Keeper and her Regional Office Team.  They discussed the process to plan for future engagement sessions and the role they would play in assisting with Health and Wellbeing local nation engagement. Future sessions will initially begin with the FNT2T Councils virtually as the first phase. A schedule of engagement sessions will be developed to meet with all the Councils.

Written by,

Kim McPherson

Policy Helper, Intergovernmental and Health and Wellbeing Circle

Last modified: August 29, 2022

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