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Land Based and wellness leave much needed!

September 27, 2022

Treaty 1 and Treaty 2 Territory’s – It has been an amazing and rejuvenating 2 weeks of land based and wellness.  I was able to do the things I enjoy as part of a recharge, as well as continue to enjoy things that are aligned with the Odaminoang Onakonehkewin (Sports and Rec Law).

My land based and wellness consisted of things we all regularly enjoy, however don’t always have time to do.  I was able to enjoy the Mud Bogs in Obushkadayung on September 11 with my wife Leeann and best friend Carlin.  It was hosted by Ogiimaa Chris Traverse, and Headmen Jules Beardy and Victor Ryle.  I was honored to receive the invite from the young leaders of the community, and the event did not disappoint.  The machines, the atmosphere, the people, the music, the MC, it was a fun filled Sunday afternoon as the quads raced in the mud.

I wasn’t done there, I had to get my winter and spring sage harvest.  On September 20, my daughter Tierra joined me on for the sage harvest this year as she wasn’t able to last year.  We picked a little bit extra as a request from my friend Delaney as she didn’t have time to head out on the land.

My baby girl and I headed up Highway 6 to look for a patch, and we found the perfect one near Woodlands and Lake Francis.  Tierra made the tobacco offering for us and we collected our harvest, I feel amazing when I get to share these teachings with my daughter.  She is learning from being on the land, not from a book like many of our Anishinaabe youth learn from the city.  I often remind Tierra of the opportunities she has to be on the land isn’t something that everyone has.

When we made it home, we cleaned it, tied it, and hung it.  We had a smudge with the last we had from our previous harvest and gave our chiimiigwech to kitchii manitou for the harvest.  IT was a great day spent with my baby.

In the evening, I was able to do one of my favourtie walks.  The Forks at Night time.

It was a beautiful evening in Treaty 1 Territory as I was join by my wife Leeann and Tierra.  These are the nights I really missed.  The closeness I was able to achieve with my family during these 2 weeks really make it necessary.  Our families and friends are what will keep our minds healthy.  These things are paramount in achieving Miino Biimadiziiwin.

Leeann and I were able to get some fishing in.  I guess we can’t call it “fishing” as we didn’t catch anything lol, so we went casting.  On September 22, we drove to the Narrows, which is one of my favourite fishing spots.  The Narrows is traditionally lands that belong to Kakakwekejeong and Aniimooziibiing, but that is a whole other story.

I think fishing itself is a very relaxing and spiritual time.  It gives you time to think time to enjoy the people you are around and brings you close to the Niibii.  I am a summer baby, and I, like most people find the water to be very healing.  Another big aspect is just time to sit with my wife by the water, just the 2 of us.  We were just taking in the sound of the water and enjoying the smells that the fresh air had to offer.

We lost a couple fish due to us just enjoying each others company, laughing and joking.  That was the most important time on this trip, spending time and talking with Leeann.  We must hold our Ikwe high on a pedestal as we would not be the men we are without them.  Without Leeann, I wouldn’t be where I am in life, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of history with Treaty 2 Territory Government.

We have some big things happening, so buckle up as the ride will be rough but rewarding.



Craig Beaulieu

Sports and Recreation Keeper

Odaminoang Circle

Last modified: October 7, 2022

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