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Treaty 2 Territory Anishinaabek Government extends collective strength to the families of MMIWG

October 4, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – Treaty 2 Anishinaabekweg Gichi Piidendaagozii’wag

Today, in Treaty 2 Lands during this October moon, we come together as Ogimaag to honour Gakinaa Anishinaabekweg of our Nation.

As we continue to take positive steps towards self-sufficiency within our territory, we recognize and acknowledge that you are the original law makers and governance leaders of the Anishinaabek in our homelands.

We extend our heartfelt collective strength to the families impacted by MMIWG. We stand with you as you bravely continue to fight for sovereignty and our right to a better quality of Bimaadiziiwin — So that we can all enjoy our inherent rights granted to us by Gizhe Manidoo.

Gichi-Miigwech for all that you do for our Nation —And of equal importance, we lift you up for speaking on behalf of our sacred Nibii. “Gwinaandizog and Angwamaaziig Noongom Nindinamagindog” (Take good care today, All my relations) – shared Ogichidaa McLean

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