Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government


The Anishinaabe Nation of Treaty 2 territory is advancing through Inakonegawin (Law-making process). Onankonehkawinan are laws after our Onankonehkawin.  Our Onankonehkawinan are being established to govern the 21.5 million acres in the territory and Nation. Each Local Nation has the opportunity to tie in their own laws and lands with the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.

Our current laws passed:

  • First Law – Ancestral Custom Law – Our Pipes / Lodges / Connecting to our Lands
  • AA-T2 Onankonehkawin (First Written) (2016)
  • Life Long Learning (Education Act) Onankonehkawinan (2018)
  • Environmental – Land and Water Protection Onankonehkawinan (Act 2018)
  • Consultation and Accommodation Onankonehkawinan (Act 2018)

“We have our laws, our constitution is our pipe, lodges and land”,

Knowledge Keeper Dwight Paul
Animozeebeeng Anishinaabe Nation
Next step governance with our Onankonehkawin
In law development, engagement stage, presenting at Grand Council (23/24 August 2022);
Ready to go to Grand Council (please click on each):

In development stage (please click on each):


Wiisaakodaadiiwin Gizhibaabwewin

“Unity Circle”

The vision that the Anishinaabe Peoples of Treaty 2 Territory have is to act ethically with the highest honour in personal and professional conduct in accordance with the supreme principle of Wiisaakodaadiiwin, (Unity). While maintaining the understanding that there may be deliberations in the law making process and contributions made by every lead spokesperson that is viewed as an expert in this area is necessary. 

The sacred reciprocity and connection to our ancestors and leaders before us is also recognized in this spiritual realm as Giizhibaabwewin. In that we value everyone that is part of the everlasting circle and sacred connection to our identity as Anishinaabe peoples.


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