Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Nation and Economic Development

Treaty 2 Territory – Prior to entering into Treaty, our Local Nations had Inherent Rights which included governance and management of our resources.

FNT2T works with Local Nations enhancing their governance structures and economic development activities so that they may begin to move away from the Indian Act. FNT2T aligns itself and takes direction from the Local Nations through FNT2T’s Regional Offices and Local Nation Helpers. FNT2T leads collective economic development activities through local and territorial laws that pertain to business and economic development.

It is the responsibility of FNT2T, through the Nation Development Circle, to provide a good life, minoo-bi-maadiziiwin, as was the intent of our ancestors who made Treaty.

Objectives of the Nation Development:

  • Ancestral Law Development
  • Governance Structures
  • Planning, Management and Administration
  • Local Nation Membership and FNT2T Membership

The above objectives, with the exception of infrastructure and housing, is included in a governance and recognition.

The Anishinaabe Nation of Treaty 2 Territory is advancing through the Law-making process. Laws are being established to govern the territory and Nation. Each local nation will have the opportunity to tie in their own laws and lands with the Anishinaabe Nation of the territory.

Our current laws passed:

  • First Law – Our Pipes and Lodges
  • AA-T2 Onankonehkawin (first written law -2016)
  • Life Long Learning Law (2014)
  • Environmental Law (2017)
  • Consultation and Accommodation Law (2018)
  • Treasury and Administration (2021)
In law development and engagement stage;
  • Aki Onankonehkawin (2021)
  • Children, Families and Nation (2021)
  • Citizenship Law (2021)
  • Peacemaking Law (2021)
  • T2T Onankonehkawin (Territorial Alliance – 2021)

Objectives of Economic Development:

  • Develop, create and implement economic opportunities
  • Land, resources and water management
  • Management of economic development trusts
  • Management of the Treasury (a Board made up of CPAs from each Local Nation to manage financial accountability)

Resources continue to be extracted in Treaty 2 Territory without the consent of the Local Nations and FNT2T.

In the restoration of economic self-sufficiency, Local Nations and FNT2T are not opposed to development and want to prosper. 

Nation and Economic Development:

Marlene Davis, Nation & Economic Development Helper – 204.638.3797

Internal / External Relations:

Scott Lynxleg, Keeper Internal / External  – 204.638.3797

Last Update: 15 March  2022

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